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The scold’s bridle of JK Rowling

At a time when many feminists are writing passionately and clearly against the silencing of women in general, there is a gaping hole right at the centre of their argument.

Independent: As we continue to blame single mothers for society’s woes, it’s no surprise their children are living in poverty

hile single parenthood can be stigmatised, the true horror of deprivation can be downplayed. Victim-blaming policies allow responsibility to be shifted onto those who suffer most

Independent: The idea that we should discount Germaine Greer’s work because of her comments on #MeToo isn’t just wrong – it’s sexist

Just as Charles Darwin’s belief that women were intellectually inferior to men isn’t a reason to embrace creationism, Germaine Greer’s comments on #MeToo are not a reason to reject the entire back catalogue of modern feminist thought

New Statesman: I can finally say it – I think Quentin Tarantino and Woody Allen are rubbish anyway

For so long, I’ve been held back by the sexist male genius paradox.

New Statesman: Will the feminists of the future claim the #metoo movement – or disown it?

The backlash against the movement has started, and it includes many prominent women.

New Statesman: Oprah Winfrey and Carrie Gracie can help turn outrage at gender inequality into wider change

Though both have the power to speak out, their messages are about acheving equality for all women.

New Statesman: Should we be legally obliged to pay back our mothers for raising us?

Taiwan’s supreme court has just ruled that two sons are contractually obliged to pay their mother a percentage of their earnings.

New Statesman: My Brexit Christmas – or what I’ve learnt about family since 23 June 2016

I can’t talk to my family about politics. I’ve become the other to them.

Independent: Theresa May can’t even close the gender pay gap for her own staff, let alone the country

May has spoken about the sheer wrongness of ‘paying women less for doing the same job as men’. And yet, when replacing a female member of staff with a male one in her own office, she suddenly finds these rules don’t apply

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