According to the charmingly titled Men’s Rights Activist blog Boycott Bitches, “the future is pretty dark for women”: “Once artificial wombs are invented, real human women will become obsolete.”

If that’s true, then real human women had better come up with some contingency plan, because it looks as though the clock’s already started ticking.

Following a successful study involving lamb foetuses, it’s been reported that an artificial womb environment may be ready for human trials within three to five years. While researchers at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia have ruled out the possibility of using the system for anything other than care for premature babies, surely this could mark the beginning of what A Voice For Men’s Jack Barnes calls “men’s liberation”.

“No one group,” writes Barnes, “should have as much power over reproduction as women have”. With the advent of what he respectfully calls the “stunt cunt”, Barns predicts that “women will be forced to grow up and treat men as human beings instead of just sperm-dispensing machines who can open jars and take bullets”.

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