According to Reveal magazine, the Duchess of Cambridge has a secret Mumsnet account, which she’s been using “to swap parenting stories anonymously with other mothers”. In the words of a Mirror report on the story, “Kate Middleton may live in a palace and be married to the future king, but apparently she’s just like millions of other mums out there, relying on the internet for childcare tips.”

While I’ve often been a lurker on Mumsnet’s chat pages, I can’t say with any certainty whether I’ve encountered the woman whose DS1 is third in line to the throne. True, some of the thread titles have a stressed-out future consort written all over them:  Help me to be productive; Oh FFS, I’ve only gone and bought the same sandals as MiL; AIBU to think we should encourage our daughters to ‘marry well’?; The queen – why doesn’t she wear a hat? But we can’t know for sure that that’s her.

Either way, this news is only the latest in a series of stories purporting to show us how Kate, the mother, is just like the rest of us. “Kate Middleton admits that parenting is hard,” reports Vogue, “even for a princess.” Phew! Forget the enormous, mind-blowing inequality of opportunity faced by a mother on a low income compared to someone who has never had to worry about money at all. She’s still a mum, just like you and me. No matter how rich you are, the shit in that nappy still stinks.

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