“Fuck fault. Fault and blame have no role here.” So says Keanu Reeves’ Dr William Beckham in Netflix’s anorexia drama, To The Bone. Which is just as well, really. You don’t want to start blaming anyone or anything for the spread of eating disorders. Where would it all end?

It might end, for instance, in a situation in which films about anorexia are themselves accused of glamorising anorexia. How stupid would that be? “Looking for one reason’s a losing battle,” notes Dr Beckham. “It’s never that simple.”

He’s right, of course. There’s never one reason for an eating disorder, but several. What’s more, sufferers have fought for years to make this understood. For decades, anorexia was written off as the “slimmers’ disease”, an affliction of vain, silly girls wanting to look like models.

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