Yesterday, while the news was full of Stephen Paddock’s shooting rampage in Las Vegas, I picked up a copy of the 2017 Boots Christmas catalogue. I’d hoped for some brief immersion in premature festive schmaltz. Instead I got the usual reminder that gender is everywhere.

The back cover featured an advert for Christian Dior’s “Sauvage”, a fragrance for men who consider themselves “wild at heart”. And who better to promote such untamed masculinity than Johnny Depp, the actor whose manly lack of restraint is exemplified in accusations of assault made by ex-partner Amber Heard?

One can of course argue that this is just an unfortunate coincidence. Dior chose Depp for the campaign in 2015, before Heard’s accusations were made public. Nonetheless, it’s unlikely they’d have found themselves in the embarrassing situation of having a potential wife-beater fronting a campaign for “J’adore” or “Dolce Vita”.

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