Women are their own worst enemies, right? I mean, it might be men who are more likely beat us, rape us and kill us, but when it comes to actual enemy stuff, cherchez la femme.

Take, for instance, the current fuss over what the Telegraph is calling “the race to install the first woman statue in front of Parliament”. You’d think, given how few statues there are representing women at all, feminists would jump at the chance to have any old suffragette plonked on a plinth. But no.

According to the newspaper report, rival suffragette statue campaigns – Team Pankhurst on one side, Team Fawcett on the other – have failed to reach an agreement over which woman should go where. “Despite the passing of over a century since women over 30 were emancipated,” notes the report, “the divide between [Pankhurst and Fawcett]’s supporters appears wider than ever.”

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