Breaking: Women revealed to have inner lives. News just out shows female people – widely believed to be emotionally transparent – to inhabit their own complex interior worlds.

Members of the male community have expressed shock at this revelation. Said one, “it’s just horrifying. Women say one thing, then think another. It’s almost as though they’re human or something”.

The cause of this latest revelation is a short story in the New Yorker magazine. Kirsten Roupenian’s Cat Person has proven a viral sensation, winning the applause of female readers while causing so much consternation among male ones that a whole new twitter account, Men React to Cat Person, has been created.

The story of a short-lived, awkward relationship between a twenty-year-old female student and a man in his mid-thirties, it’s a brilliant exploration of the self-deception that takes place in relationships when people do not really know one another. At the same time, it offers an unforgiving look at the way in which gender makes victims of us all.

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