Finally, the mask has slipped. In dismissing #metoo as a “whingeing” movement, Germaine Greer has revealed the view of all true feminists. Or maybe it’s that of all older feminists. Or that of all feminists who share her views on trans rights. Whatever it is, it can’t just be the view of Germaine Greer.

Feminists, you understand, can’t be right about some things and wrong about others. Nor can their views be theirs alone. You’re either a goodie or a baddie, and unless you’re prepared to denounce anything and everything Germaine Greer-related – expressing controversial opinions, speaking with an Australian accent, daring to exist beyond the menopause – you’ve outed yourself as a bad ‘un.

I realise that this may sound unfair to some. Given the amount of abuse a woman gets for being any sort of feminist, it does feel tremendously unsisterly to single out one individual and say “not in my name”.

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