Pregnancy and childbirth – where would we be without them? Essential to the continuation of our very species, everyday phenomena don’t get more miraculous. It’s a pity they’re entrusted to such unworthy vessels.

Just look at the evidence: if the class of humans responsible for bringing forth new life aren’t too old, they’re too young. If they’re not too stressed, they’re too lazy. If they’re not getting distracted by book-learning, they’re leaving it too late to get themselves impregnated at all. If only this all-important job had been left to someone responsible (like, say, a man). Still, we are where we are, so might as well check the latest instalment of “what the pregnant – and potentially pregnant – are doing wrong”.

A headline in today’s Metro tells us that “British women are ‘woefully unprepared for pregnancy’ because they’re so unhealthy”.  According to the article that follows, “large numbers of young women smoke, drink too much alcohol, are overweight or obese, and consume inadequate amounts of fruits and vegetables”. Meanwhile the Telegraph tells us that “women who are hoping to conceive should adopt a healthy diet years earlier”.

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