Women can be just as violent as men” is the common call of the Men’s Rights Activist. While statistics don’t bear this out – there are male perpetrators for 81 per cent of all violent crime and 99 per cent of all sexual violence – it doesn’t deter MRAs from making this claim. Women might not be the ones landing the final blows, but somehow they’re equally guilty.

If it’s not their violent tongues causing men to lash out, then it’s women’s unbridled sexuality, prompting feelings of jealousy that men can’t control. Or else it could be their womanly wiles, that particularly female taste for manipulation and cunning. Or maybe, as in the case of Sarah Bramley, it’s all of those things at once.

Yesterday Bramley pleaded guilty to incitement to cause common assault, having sent her ex-boyfriend, David Saunders, an intimate photograph of herself with another man. She then followed up the photograph with “goading” texts.

Saunders went on to kill the other man, one Michael Lawson. Sentencing Saunders for Lawson’s murder, Judge Stephen Ashurst ruled that Bramley’s actions had “tipped [Saunders] over the edge” and thus had “a very important bearing” on the latter’s state of mind.

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