Women, eh? Always saying they want equal treatment, then the moment it’s offered to them, they start to complain.

Take the recent proposals to make misogyny a hate crime. Given current levels of street harassment, sexual assault and male violence against women, this can only be a good thing. But why stop there? Why not make misandry – prejudice against men and boys – a hate crime, too? Surely that way no one is left out.

Last month it was announced that a Law Commission review would look at whether offences driven by hatred of women should be reclassified. At present, certain characteristics – such as disability, race and sexual orientation – have a protected status. Sex is not one of them.

Feminists have argued that the degree to which misogyny underpins crimes committed against women means this has to change. However, it has since emerged that the commission will also be reviewing whether misandry deserves to be included in the new definitions. According to Home Office minister Baroness Williams, this is in response to what “the public and other organisations are telling us”.

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