It’s often been said that buying gifts for women is difficult. The female of the species is, after all, a mysterious creature, whose inner life – should such a thing exist – remains uncharted territory for the average male.

Thankfully, there are various shortcuts when it comes to satisfying the needs of this curious beast. From overpriced candles to make-up brush cleaners, there are certain gifts which are guaranteed to make her smile.

Below is a list I’ve compiled of the best of this year’s bunch. Pick one of these beauties and we’ll have your shrew tamed until well into 2019!

1. Fancy little knickers

As we all know, normal people like wearing clothes, particularly during those cold winter months. With women, though, it’s a different matter entirely.

Remember those classic GQ Person of the Year covers, in which all the men wore suits while Lana Del Rey was naked? Now that GQ’s moved on to being offensive about Serena Williams, Marks and Spencer have stepped in to offer their own festive take on the clothed men / unclothed women binary.

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