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Guest Post: A male feminist writes

Jeremy Wokingham-Beard, a male feminist, shares his insight into actual violence.

Independent: A family Christmas can be lethal – the Femicide Census proves it

139 women were killed this year, most by people they knew, and almost half died at the hands of a current or former partner. Many of us will be left wondering what it's like to be able to talk back to our relatives.

New Statesman: It’s time for Christmas adverts that don’t rely on making mothers feel guilty

Watch as a hapless mum runs herself ragged – cooking, shopping, wrapping, decorating, entertaining – while her ungrateful spouse and kids take it all for granted!

New Statesman: I loved The Handmaid’s Tale. But Margaret Atwood’s promise of a sequel makes me nervous

Atwood is the author, but with anti-Trump protesters donning red gowns, who actually owns The Handmaid’s Tale?

New Statesman: Marks and Spencer’s “fancy little knickers” and nine other awful For Her Christmas presents

A hundred years after getting the vote, today’s woman can access not only Shout Out To My Pout lip pencils, but Perfect In Pink face gems.

Independent: Why should feminists have to apologise for Sheryl Sandberg?

In making Facebook’s chief operating officer’s failings a ‘feminist issue’, we risk further marginalising those doing the mundane work of scrounging for cash, mounting legal challenges, gathering statistics on inequality and setting up discreet support networks

New Statesman: Disney’s Nutcracker fails to capture the uncanny original fantasy of ETA Hoffmann

Even among the barely appropriate German Romantics, Hoffmann was the bad fairy at the feast. But his Nussknacker und Mauskönig contained many surprises.

New Statesman: The response to care workers striking for equal pay shows we undervalue the work women do

Those who took these women for granted are not being held responsible because they are not expected to prioritise love and care. Women are.

Independent: Yvette Cooper is right that women should stand up for Theresa May

I always had a sense of unease regarding the way in which men in particular expressed their personal disgust at Thatcher’s politics. It feels like an excuse for the guilt-free indulgence of misogyny

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