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New Statesman: I loved The Handmaid’s Tale. But Margaret Atwood’s promise of a sequel makes me nervous

Atwood is the author, but with anti-Trump protesters donning red gowns, who actually owns The Handmaid’s Tale?

New Statesman: Disney’s Nutcracker fails to capture the uncanny original fantasy of ETA Hoffmann

Even among the barely appropriate German Romantics, Hoffmann was the bad fairy at the feast. But his Nussknacker und Mauskönig contained many surprises.

New Statesman: I can finally say it – I think Quentin Tarantino and Woody Allen are rubbish anyway

For so long, I’ve been held back by the sexist male genius paradox.

New Statesman: So the Cat Person short story has made straight men feel uncomfortable. Good

A story in the New Yorker offers an unforgiving look at the ways gender makes victims of us all.

New Statesman: Why is the Handmaid’s Tale claimed as feminist, when it’s deeply ambivalent about the movement?

The scapegoating of the anti-porn movement, Offred’s longing for hand cream - these feel like digs at second-wave feminists.

How to make a Dumbledore hat

This post sounds like a metaphor for something. It's not. It's literally on how to make a Dumbledore hat.

New Statesman: How reading a book you disagree with sharpens your thinking

Whether it's Simon Baron-Cohen on female brains to Richard Dawkins patronising feminists, I'm glad I read (and hated) these books.

Of Angels and Mermaids: Emma Donoghue’s The Wonder

Emma Donoghue’s The Wonder is a rich and generous exploration of the relationship between bodies, faith and love.

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