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New Statesman: I can finally say it – I think Quentin Tarantino and Woody Allen are rubbish anyway

For so long, I’ve been held back by the sexist male genius paradox.

New Statesman: So the Cat Person short story has made straight men feel uncomfortable. Good

A story in the New Yorker offers an unforgiving look at the ways gender makes victims of us all.

New Statesman: Why is the Handmaid’s Tale claimed as feminist, when it’s deeply ambivalent about the movement?

The scapegoating of the anti-porn movement, Offred’s longing for hand cream - these feel like digs at second-wave feminists.

How to make a Dumbledore hat

This post sounds like a metaphor for something. It's not. It's literally on how to make a Dumbledore hat.

New Statesman: How reading a book you disagree with sharpens your thinking

Whether it's Simon Baron-Cohen on female brains to Richard Dawkins patronising feminists, I'm glad I read (and hated) these books.

Of Angels and Mermaids: Emma Donoghue’s The Wonder

Emma Donoghue’s The Wonder is a rich and generous exploration of the relationship between bodies, faith and love.

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