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Independent: Apparently having a baby in your fifties will ‘traumatise’ the child – but only if you’re a woman of course

The ethical problems relating to older motherhood are routinely cast aside when it comes to men. After all, we are told, that’s the way it’s always been

Independent: Germaine Greer compared the trauma of rape victims to her fear of spiders. What is she playing at?

What she is saying now is not so different to what others have said about the risk of disempowering women through fear. I understand the argument. But let's not forget that what hurts, hurts. When sexual assaults occur, we should not have to try to persuade ourselves they don't affect us

Independent: A woman may go to prison for a murder her boyfriend committed, because apparently men can’t possibly control their jealous rages

Given the amount of time judges spend deliberating how hard it is for men to know what we mean by the word 'no', how is it that women become master manipulators in cases such as this?

New Statesman: Anxiety-driven, painful, and sometimes even deadly: is cosmetic surgery self-harm?

Women are force-fed crap from the day they’re born, then mocked for having swallowed it.

Independent: Why women in poorer countries take more sexy selfies

Patriarchy is a global business. Its ubiquity is precisely what makes it so hard for so many to see it

Independent: Why do we always pit boys against girls on GCSE results day and pretend everything is fixed to the girls’ advantage?

Everywhere I look, there’s a headline suggesting that too many girls gaining top marks is a problem to be solved by examination reform. There seems to be a belief that girls have overstepped the mark and need reining in

New Statesman: Forcing women to become carers after Brexit is no mistake – it’s what many Leave voters wanted

A Department of Health dossier suggested more women would drop out of the workforce to make up for a lack of EU careworkers.

New Statesman: The feminist conundrum of Wife Swap

From patronising stay at home mothers to indulging “make me a sandwich” sexism, the show – much like society – had it both ways.

Independent: A former Ukip councillor has been jailed for murdering his wife – but according to his mates it’s him we should feel sorry for

The polarisation of political discourse has made misogyny not just more visible, but an acceptable expression of the rage of the self-styled common man

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