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New Statesman: After 22 years I’ve stopped taking antidepressants – we need a more nuanced debate about them

The drugs worked for me, but questioning their shortcomings shouldn’t be so taboo in mental health circles.

Independent: There is a way to prevent so many teenage girls being depressed – but no one wants to admit it

Pity the girl who’s wearing a bra before she leaves primary school; already she’s ventured over the top, into a no man’s land of groping, cat calls and adult disapproval

New Statesman: Breastfeeding is not some cute and joyous luxury – it’s work

There’s nothing emotional or touching about sitting in an office sick room, desperately trying to drain your boobs before the next meeting starts.

New Statesman: Boots sells lots of products used inappropriately – the morning after pill isn’t one of them

The aisles are filled with items to “fix” women's bodies, but somehow preventing pregnancy is irresponsible.

The Pool: The dangerous hollowness of Netflix’s eating-disorder drama, To The Bone

To The Bone dodges the real issues about eating disorders.

The Pool: It’s time we listened to older women suffering from eating disorders

Older sufferers of eating disorders have always been around, but they've been consistently overlooked.

Mental health: A big stigma did it and ran away

Blaming stigma must not become a way of avoiding tackling the structural causes of suffering and isolation.

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