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New Statesman: Breastfeeding is not some cute and joyous luxury – it’s work

There’s nothing emotional or touching about sitting in an office sick room, desperately trying to drain your boobs before the next meeting starts.

New Statesman: We argue over Charlie Gard, but forget those spending whole lives caring for a disabled child

The everyday misery of care work is hidden behind abstract arguments over life and death.

New Statesman: Boots sells lots of products used inappropriately – the morning after pill isn’t one of them

The aisles are filled with items to “fix” women's bodies, but somehow preventing pregnancy is irresponsible.

New Statesman: The Gender Agenda: is it possible to raise children free of sexist stereotypes?

A new book charts the many subtle ways boys and girls are treated differently.

New Statesman: In our misogynist culture, it’s no surprise under-10s are asking for labiaplasty

It’s a perfectly logical response to the onslaught of negative messages women and girls receive about their bodies.

New Statesman: Cheer the Exeter boys in skirts, but we’ll have real progress when it’s no longer news

You have nothing to lose but your pockets!

New Statesman: This deal with the DUP is just another sign of the Tory disregard for women’s rights

Even setting aside questions about abortion, modern Conservatism remains firmly in favour of the exploitation of female bodies.

Independent: If we’re tackling all forms of extremism, we need to include misogyny

No politician is demanding an inquiry into how British men have become so radicalised that they are slaughtering their female partners at a rate of two per week.

Independent: The Supreme Court has just ruled Northern Irish women can’t get NHS abortions in England – another exercise in ‘taking back control’

Like me, the DUP’s Arlene Foster is a mother of three. I don’t believe she doesn’t know what she is demanding of other women when she seeks to deny them reproductive autonomy. She chooses not to think about it.

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