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New Statesman: My Brexit Christmas – or what I’ve learnt about family since 23 June 2016

I can’t talk to my family about politics. I’ve become the other to them.

Independent: Theresa May can’t even close the gender pay gap for her own staff, let alone the country

May has spoken about the sheer wrongness of ‘paying women less for doing the same job as men’. And yet, when replacing a female member of staff with a male one in her own office, she suddenly finds these rules don’t apply

New Statesman: So when is it okay to mention labour to a pregnant woman?

Labour MP Tulip Siddiq’s reminder that labour hurts was not interpreted positively.

Quiz: Do you have a male or female brain?

Is yours a manbrain or a ladybrain? Find out with this simple quiz!

New Statesman: How a small dot has sent the French language establishment into uproar

But one man turning a group of ten women into a male noun is fine.

What is a man, anyway?

If left-wing men are so appalled by their own privilege, why don't they just become more like women?

Grandparents “risk harming health of children” by indulging them with sweets, fizzy drinks and “some nebulous idea of British sovereignty”

According to research carried out by the University of Experts, grandparents risk harming the health of their grandchildren by spoiling them with fatty foods, sugary drinks and the worst act of political and economic self-harm the UK has ever seen. 

New Statesman: Should the BBC still close the presenter pay gap if lower-ranking staff suffer?

The Daily Mail reports that paying female presenters more means cutting budgets elsewhere.

New Statesman: Ladies! Iain Duncan Smith is extremely worried about this country’s wife shortage

Can you please marry a dysfunctional, porn-addicted man already?

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