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New Statesman: Why are social conservatives so triggered by John Lewis’s gender-neutral kids’ clothing?

The most staunch defenders of essential gender differences know their value system would fall apart at the slightest touch

New Statesman: Forget the battle of the statues – we can look up to more than one woman in 2017

Team Fawcett and Team Pankhurst are supposedly vying for a statue outside Parliament.

The Pool: This mini-urinal teaches boys not to wee “like a girl”

Prepare your son for full-on man-weeing by getting him to piss in a frog’s mouth.

Independent: When you celebrate the third royal baby, remember all of the women in Britain who aren’t allowed a third child

It's an unhappy coincidence that the announcement of a third royal baby comes in the same year the Government deems third babies a luxury not every family has earned

New Statesman: Women-only train carriages are just a way of ensuring more spaces are male by default

We don’t need the “personal choice” to sit in a non-segregated carriage to become the new short skirt.

New Statesman: Despite his “strong female leads”, Joss Whedon’s feminism was never about real women

Many men in TV and film praised for their powerful women are still writing with the male gaze.

Independent: False allegations are rare – rape is not. Stop using the case of Jemma Beale to discredit all women

If there were thousands of Jemma Beales out there, there’s little doubt in my mind that we’d know about it. But there aren’t. Right now there’s only one, which is why we know her name. Meanwhile the names of most rapists will be forgotten.

Independent: Young women repeatedly ignore the concerns of older women – WASPI women deserve their support

It should be incumbent on younger feminists to stand shoulder to shoulder with those being asked to pay the price for a lifetime of exploitation. The alternative is reaching an age when we, too, shall be written off as having been complicit in our own oppression.

New Statesman: Breastfeeding is not some cute and joyous luxury – it’s work

There’s nothing emotional or touching about sitting in an office sick room, desperately trying to drain your boobs before the next meeting starts.

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