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Independent: The Supreme Court has just ruled Northern Irish women can’t get NHS abortions in England – another exercise in ‘taking back control’

Like me, the DUP’s Arlene Foster is a mother of three. I don’t believe she doesn’t know what she is demanding of other women when she seeks to deny them reproductive autonomy. She chooses not to think about it.

New Statesman: How do you separate outrage about Theresa May from misogyny? Quite easily, it turns out

She's not bloody difficult. She's just bloody useless.

Election special: Magic plants – that list in full

Theresa May has confirmed it: there's no "magic money tree". But what do we have instead?

Independent: Thanks for the advice on rape culture, Ched Evans, but isn’t it time we started prioritising men’s safety instead?

Taking care not to provoke women can be a simple and effective way of staying safe. That's the message the footballer should be sharing.

New Statesman: Is Ivanka Trump the feminist we deserve?

The fauxminist-in-chief's book is unintentionally a hoot. But shouldn't we be laughing at ourselves as well?

New Statesman: Artificial wombs are only three years away – how scared should women be?

Some "men's rights activists" hope that technology will make women obsolete.

New Statesman: Why is the Handmaid’s Tale claimed as feminist, when it’s deeply ambivalent about the movement?

The scapegoating of the anti-porn movement, Offred’s longing for hand cream - these feel like digs at second-wave feminists.

New Statesman: If you think “sex work is work”, how can you be against sex for rent?

The mainstream left has no right to be shocked about sex for rent. It’s the logical conclusion of a pseudo-feminist politics which refuses to engage fully with power and labour redistribution.

New Statesman: If Kate Middleton is secretly using Mumsnet, is she one of us?

Some of the parenting forum discussions have a stressed-out future consort written all over them.

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