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Independent: Apparently having a baby in your fifties will ‘traumatise’ the child – but only if you’re a woman of course

The ethical problems relating to older motherhood are routinely cast aside when it comes to men. After all, we are told, that’s the way it’s always been

Independent: Young women repeatedly ignore the concerns of older women – WASPI women deserve their support

It should be incumbent on younger feminists to stand shoulder to shoulder with those being asked to pay the price for a lifetime of exploitation. The alternative is reaching an age when we, too, shall be written off as having been complicit in our own oppression.

New Statesman: The debate over Jenni Murray suggests we don’t see older women as “real women”

What happens to a female person who rejects femininity without also being prepared to embrace masculinity? In modern gender politics, they're not really anything.

The Pool: It’s time we listened to older women suffering from eating disorders

Older sufferers of eating disorders have always been around, but they've been consistently overlooked.

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