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New Statesman: Forcing women to become carers after Brexit is no mistake – it’s what many Leave voters wanted

A Department of Health dossier suggested more women would drop out of the workforce to make up for a lack of EU careworkers.

New Statesman: Should we be legally obliged to pay back our mothers for raising us?

Taiwan’s supreme court has just ruled that two sons are contractually obliged to pay their mother a percentage of their earnings.

New Statesman: We argue over Charlie Gard, but forget those spending whole lives caring for a disabled child

The everyday misery of care work is hidden behind abstract arguments over life and death.

New Statesman: Does feminism need a new slogan – “care work is work”?

Looking after the young and old falls more heavily on women. Our society needs to acknowledge that prosperity is built on women's unpaid labour.

New Statesman: What would happen if the world’s women went on strike?

As the backlash against feminism grows, let’s highlight the unrecognised female labour upon which capitalist patriarchy depends.

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