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Independent: A family Christmas can be lethal – the Femicide Census proves it

139 women were killed this year, most by people they knew, and almost half died at the hands of a current or former partner. Many of us will be left wondering what it's like to be able to talk back to our relatives.

New Statesman: It’s time for Christmas adverts that don’t rely on making mothers feel guilty

Watch as a hapless mum runs herself ragged – cooking, shopping, wrapping, decorating, entertaining – while her ungrateful spouse and kids take it all for granted!

New Statesman: Marks and Spencer’s “fancy little knickers” and nine other awful For Her Christmas presents

A hundred years after getting the vote, today’s woman can access not only Shout Out To My Pout lip pencils, but Perfect In Pink face gems.

New Statesman: My Brexit Christmas – or what I’ve learnt about family since 23 June 2016

I can’t talk to my family about politics. I’ve become the other to them.

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