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Independent: Why women in poorer countries take more sexy selfies

Patriarchy is a global business. Its ubiquity is precisely what makes it so hard for so many to see it

Independent: You can be happy for Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black and criticise commercial surrogacy at the same time

Surrogacy can be a joyful act of generosity – but there is a need to understand the risks to the most vulnerable women once we start to think of wombs as rentable spaces

New Statesman: If you think “sex work is work”, how can you be against sex for rent?

The mainstream left has no right to be shocked about sex for rent. It’s the logical conclusion of a pseudo-feminist politics which refuses to engage fully with power and labour redistribution.

Is it really progress when members of the aristocracy use surrogates?

Aristocrats used to pay poorer women to breastfeed their children. Now they can pay them to gestate and give birth to them. Is this really progress?

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