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Independent: Germaine Greer compared the trauma of rape victims to her fear of spiders. What is she playing at?

What she is saying now is not so different to what others have said about the risk of disempowering women through fear. I understand the argument. But let's not forget that what hurts, hurts. When sexual assaults occur, we should not have to try to persuade ourselves they don't affect us

Independent: A former Ukip councillor has been jailed for murdering his wife – but according to his mates it’s him we should feel sorry for

The polarisation of political discourse has made misogyny not just more visible, but an acceptable expression of the rage of the self-styled common man

Independent: False allegations are rare – rape is not. Stop using the case of Jemma Beale to discredit all women

If there were thousands of Jemma Beales out there, there’s little doubt in my mind that we’d know about it. But there aren’t. Right now there’s only one, which is why we know her name. Meanwhile the names of most rapists will be forgotten.

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